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August 2017 Archives

Car accidents are especially dangerous for pedestrians

Motor vehicle collisions are a common occurrence for many people in Pennsylvania and around the country. Though some car accidents are inconsequential, others lead to severe injuries. This can be particularly true when pedestrians are involved. Multiple people were recently struck by a vehicle while walking in a local neighborhood.

Surviving families may file workers' compensation after accidents

A Pennsylvania worker was recently fatally injured in a construction accident. In addition to the emotional burden of losing a loved one, families in this situation may also face sudden unexpected financial concerns as well. Filing for workers' compensation on behalf of a deceased loved one may be beneficial.

Injured workers may benefit from workers' compensation

Working construction can be dangerous. This is especially true when doing work related to demolition. Injuries happen often in this line of work, as evidenced in a recent Pennsylvania accident involving two contractors. These men may be considering filing for workers' compensation after suffering injuries on the job.

Alleged drunk driver now facing wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be devastating. When the cause of the crash is a drunk driver, it can be even more heartbreaking knowing that the entire incident could have been avoided had that driver not gotten behind the wheel. One Pennsylvania family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a taxi driver charged with killing a man in one such accident.


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