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Workers' compensation could help those injured by heavy machinery

In spite of the safety precautions companies have in place for working with heavy machinery, accidents can still happen. Pennsylvania employees who are injured in these types of accidents often file workers' compensation claims to help cope with the aftermath. One employee now likely faces a long road to recovery after a severe injury by an industrial machine.

Workers' compensation could help those injured in falls at work

Pennsylvania employees who suffer injuries from accidents in the workplace may end up missing an extended amount of time from work as part of their recovery. When situations like this develop, the injured worker may consider filing a workers' compensation claim. One construction worker is likely looking into filing a claim of his own after getting hurt in a fall at the site where he was working.

Injured construction worker may seek workers' compensation

Construction sites can be dangerous locations for Pennsylvania workers. In spite of the many safety precautions taken, accidents still occur regularly. Workers who are injured in such incidents often opt to file workers' compensation claims. One construction worker is likely looking into filing a claim after a wall collapsed on him.

Workers' compensation can help injured workers' families

When employees are injured on the job, they not only have to deal with the stress of medical care, but also the potential loss of wages they may face. Filing a workers' compensation claim could be beneficial to those hurt in the workplace as well as to family members of workers who were killed on the job. One Pennsylvania family may consider filing a claim after a construction worker was fatally injured at work.

Employee retains workers' compensation benefits after appeal

Getting hurt on the job can cause workers serious problems in the future. Besides the immediate medical injury and bills they have to deal with, a workplace injury can also affect the amount or type of work they can perform. In some cases, employers try to relieve themselves from having to deal with these cases by filing appeals. One airport employee recently retained her workers' compensation benefits after her case was appealed in the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania.

Employee seeks workers' compensation due to long-term injuries

Most of the time when people hear of a worker injured on the job they assume the injury occurred in a singular accident. However, in some cases, the injuries are a result of working several months or years under specific conditions. One Pennsylvania railroad worker is beginning litigation against two rail companies he has worked for in an attempt to gain workers' compensation after suffering permanent injuries over several years.

What you need to know about workers' comp

Imagine working in a busy restaurant. You are constantly going back and forth between the kitchen, the dishwashing area and the tables. You are in danger of burning yourself on a hot plate, cutting a finger on a sharp knife or tripping over an improperly laid floor mat. One evening, when you walk back to the dishwasher to drop off a stack of plates, you slip on a wet surface and fall, breaking your wrist in the process.


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