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Employee seeks workers’ compensation due to long-term injuries

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

Most of the time when people hear of a worker injured on the job they assume the injury occurred in a singular accident. However, in some cases, the injuries are a result of working several months or years under specific conditions. One Pennsylvania railroad worker is beginning litigation against two rail companies he has worked for in an attempt to gain workers’ compensation after suffering permanent injuries over several years.

The man worked at the two rail companies in a variety of positions, including as a track foreman and a welder, over the course of several years. In his suit, he claims that the companies violated Federal Employers Liability Act, which led to his injuries. He says that they failed to provide a safe work environment, adequate equipment or adequate supervision, among other things.

His injuries on the job were severe. He alleges that over the course of his time with the companies, he was overexposed to conditions that caused musculoskeletal injuries to his shoulders. He claims these injuries caused permanent and disabling damage, even after undergoing a total arthroplasty to his right shoulder.

If this employee’s lawsuit is successful, he could then receive monetary damages that could help pay his medical bills and other expenses related to his injuries. Any Pennsylvania resident who is hurt on the job has the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. An experienced attorney could provide guidance and support to those interested in filing. An attorney can also assist clients in navigating the filing process.

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