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Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries in car accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When drivers get behind the wheel, they must remain attentive to their surroundings. If they fail to notice other cars or people nearby, inattentive drivers can easily cause car accidents. Collisions involving pedestrians often lead to serious injuries. Three people were recently injured in Pennsylvania when a driver lost control.

Police report that the collision was caused when a driver in a minivan attempted to change from the middle lane to the right-hand lane. The van hit the rear of an SUV traveling in the right lane. Officials claim that the driver then panicked and accelerated, losing control of her vehicle. Her van then left the road and hit two pedestrians and a newspaper stand before crashing into a bank.

A witness stated that he saw the two victims fly into the air upon impact. They both suffered injuries, and medics took the two men to a nearby hospital where they are now listed as being in stable condition. An employee in the newspaper stand suffered minor injuries but did not require further medical attention.

Authorities stated that they did not expect to file charges against the driver. However, because of the injuries they suffered, the victims may consider filing individual personal injury claims against her in civil court. If their claims successfully prove negligence on her behalf, they could receive monetary damages that could help pay for medical bills and any other financial expenses related to the crash. Any Pennsylvania residents injured in car accidents can consult personal injury attorneys to learn more about filing claims.

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