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Workers’ compensation may benefit those injured in factories

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

Working in a factory setting can be dangerous. Whether operating heavy machinery or assembling products, accidents can easily occur. When injuries result from these types of incidents, employees can file workers’ compensation claims to help take care of the situation. One Pennsylvania woman may choose to file a claim after an explosion injured her on the job.

The woman worked at a fireworks company. The owner stated that she was working on assembling an electronic match when it exploded. Reports also indicate that a small fire broke out but was quickly extinguished. Multiple rescue agencies, including fire crews and the Allentown Bomb Squad, responded to the accident.

The worker suffered injuries to both of her hands during the explosion. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The company is planning to re-evaluate the facility in regards to any other potential safety concerns as they have expressed that they do not want this to happen again.

Because of the serious injuries the woman suffered, she will likely be unable to work over the course of her recovery. This could lead to financial trouble due to lost wages in addition to the medical bills she may incur. To combat these financial issues, she may choose to file a workers’ compensation claim. If successful, she could be awarded monetary damages that could help curb the strain on her finances. Any employees injured on the job may consult experienced Pennsylvania attorneys to learn more about workers’ compensation and obtain assistance in filing claims.

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