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Pennsylvania car accidents: 9 injured in recent crash

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions can happen in an instant. Those involved rarely receive any warning beforehand that a crash is about to occur. Car accidents in Pennsylvania and across the country often result in injuries and property damage. Nine people were injured in a recent accident on Interstate 78.

Few details of the crash have been released at this time. Police stated that as a young man was driving along the interstate, his car sideswiped an SUV. The force of the impact pushed the SUV into the guardrail. Police are still investigating to determine the initial cause of the collision.

Fortunately, both drivers were wearing seat belts. The driver believed to be responsible was not injured. However, one occupant of the SUV was partially ejected from the vehicle. Specific details of the injuries were not released, though all nine occupants in the SUV suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment.

It is unknown at this time whether any criminal charges will be pursued. However, the victims may be entitled to file personal injury claims in civil court against the driver believed to be at fault. When these types of claims successfully prove negligence on behalf of the opposing party, plaintiffs may be entitled to monetary damages that can be used to help pay for medical bills and any other financial expenses related to the collision. Those injured in car accidents can consult experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys to learn more about these types of claims and to gain assistance in filing them.

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