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Power plant workers may file workers’ compensation claims

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

Most workplaces in Pennsylvania have many safety precautions in place to prevent injuries. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen. When accidents do occur, many workers choose to file workers’ compensation claims. Several workers were recently injured and some were killed after a toxic gas was accidentally released during repair work in an enclosed area.

According to officials, six workers were taking part in an expansive maintenance project involving the piping equipment at the power plant. The men were performing repairs on an underground pipe at the time of the accident. In removing an elbow joint of the pipe, they unintentionally released hydrogen sulfide gas into the confined space. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators note that the gas is highly flammable and explosive and exposure to it could be life-threatening.

Officials stated that the toxic gas incapacitated the workers. Tragically, two of the men were unable to make it out of the area and died. The other four suffered injuries from inhaling the gas, but were able to escape from the space. The local branch of OSHA and representatives from the power plant are investigating the incident. 

In situations where workers are injured on the job, they may choose to file workers’ compensation claims in an attempt to help cope with any financial stress such as medical bills or lost wages. Similarly, surviving families of workers killed on the job may also be entitled to file on behalf of their deceased loved one. Anyone interested in learning more about these claims or obtaining assistance in filing them may consult experienced Pennsylvania attorneys.

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