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Wrongful death claims may aid grieving families of crash victims

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2017 | Wrongful Death

Many victims who are injured in car accidents choose to pursue legal action against the party believed to be at fault. Similarly, when a person is killed in an accident, their surviving family may decide to file a wrongful death claim on the deceased victim’s behalf. Two Pennsylvania families may be considering filing claims after two women were killed in a recent multiple-vehicle crash.

Police said that a tractor-trailer was stopped in the road due to traffic. The car carrying the victims was stopped behind the truck. The driver of a dump truck traveling behind them failed to stop and crashed into the victims’ car. Authorities reported that tire marks indicated that the dump truck driver attempted to brake heavily, but was unable to stop. The impact caused the victims’ car to spin and then collide with the semi in front of it.

Following the crash, the victims’ vehicle burst into flames. Tragically, both women were killed in the collision. Neither truck driver reported injuries. Police are still investigating the incident and it remains to be seen whether any criminal charges will be filed. 

In addition to the understandable grief, families who have lost loved ones in traffic accidents often face sudden unexpected expenses as well. Though nothing can bring back a lost life, filing a wrongful death claim in civil court may provide monetary damages when successfully litigated. These damages can be used to help pay for medical bills, funeral costs and any other expenses related to the collision. Experienced Pennsylvania attorneys could provide more information to anyone interested in such claims.

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