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Car accidents involving pedestrians can result in legal trouble

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pennsylvania has many large cities, but is far from what might be considered urban. Home to many small towns, the state has one of the largest rural populations in the nation. Small towns may sound idyllic, but are often subject to the same troubles as big cities, and a constant concern is car accidents

The small town of Chambersburg recently became the scene of a tragic accident that resulted in criminal charges. A driver ran over a pedestrian in front of the local police department. She then fled the scene, leaving the victim lying in the street with what was described as a serious head injury. 

A warrant was issued for the driver’s arrest, and she was apprehended by law enforcement soon after. She has been charged with a single count of an accident involving injury or death. She is currently being held in jail, as she was unable to pay the bond amount of $100,000. The investigation into the crash continues in preparation for the criminal trial. The condition of the victim is currently unknown. 

When victims of car accidents suffer serious injury at the hands of a negligent driver, the circumstances may feel unfair. Victims may be faced with hefty medical bills, the inability to work and/or legal issues. In Pennsylvania, many people choose to hire an experienced attorney in these circumstances. An attorney may be able to help victims seek justice one step at a time. Victims should be able to focus on healing, and might need a little help holding a driver deemed negligent responsible for his or her actions. 

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