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Car accidents can end lives that haven’t begun

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pennsylvania drivers know that extra caution must be used when driving during the winter. Bad weather can lead to serious crashes. Unfortunately, some car accidents are caused by things that can be avoided. When a person decides to get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the driver risks causing serious harm to innocent people. 

Recently, a pregnant Pennsylvania woman was the passenger in a vehicle. She was due to have her baby in the spring. Certainly she never expected that her child’s life might end before it even had a chance to begin. As the vehicle she was in approached an intersection, tragedy stuck. 

Another driver, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, did not prepare for the intersection. He slammed into the victim’s vehicle, which reportedly flipped over from the impact. The crash caused the woman, already injured, to go into labor. Her baby was born much too soon, and is in critical condition. Hopefully, the infant will survive, but the situation is grave. 

When car accidents are caused by a careless person who has broken the law, victims may feel angry, frightened and wronged. Victims may be saddled with medical bills, funeral expenses and other matters, which can compound feelings of grief and loss. In many cases, victims choose to ask an experienced attorney for help. An attorney can help a victim bring the driver responsible for injury and death to justice in a court of law, and assist a victim in collecting documented monetary damages. 

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