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Kids and car accidents: tragic ends to tiny lives

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Surely, Pennsylvania parents are somewhat aware of the sort of harm that can befall a child if the family vehicle is involved in a crash. Most parents go out of their way to ensure that traveling with kids in the car goes as smoothly and safely as possible. Unfortunately, kids are still at risk of being killed in car accidents even if Mom or Dad isn’t behind the wheel. 

Recently, the newly reunited family of a 6-year-old Pennsylvania girl made their way across a road adjacent to a local pub. The child’s parents were planning to move together in the near future, and the child was surely thrilled to hold the hand of the father she had not been able to see for a long time. Full of hope, the excited family carefully continued across the street. 

Unfortunately, a patron at the pub, who admittedly had consumed alcohol earlier in the day, was on the hunt for a good parking spot. The driver had drank at the bar, left the premises and consumed more alcohol at another establishment, and by all accounts was returning to the pub for round three. The driver somehow neglected to notice the family and backed into them, striking the little girl. A relative tried to lift the child’s body to the sidewalk until help arrived, but she was killed as a result.

What began as a family outing to plan an exciting future ended in tragedy and loss. The innocent child victim lost her life, and her family must now come to terms with the loss. Families in a similar situation often decide to contact a compassionate attorney. An attorney can help clients bring the drivers responsible for car accidents resulting in the death of a loved one to justice in a court of law. 

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