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Premises liability: Fair compensation after a Pennsylvania fall

On Behalf of | May 29, 2020 | Slip-and-fall Injuries

A fall can happen at any time and for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, a fall can have serious physical and financial consequences that can leave victims in a precarious situation as a result of physical injuries and financial losses related to lost wages and medical expenses. As such many fall victims in Pennsylvania turn to The Waffenschmidt Law Firm, LLC for help filing a premises liability lawsuit if they were injured in a fall caused by negligence.

Unfortunately, thousands of people will be injured, resulting in personal injury claims, this year in Pennsylvania. These falls are caused by a variety of different reasons, including negligence on the part of the property owner or party responsible for maintaining the property. For example, damaged or malfunctioning property such as loose handrails, missing or otherwise inadequate signage and icy or snowy sidewalks often cause people to fall and injure themselves.

For those who are injured in such an incident, the aftermath can be overwhelming. However, we can help victims from the very beginning, including referral to a doctor to evaluate their injuries. Our experienced professionals can also assist in making a determination regarding total amount of wages lost, along with documenting other damages and filing a claim.

Over the last three and a half decades, we have helped many in Pennsylvania suffering as a personal injury in a premises liability case seek the compensation they deserve. We are committed to treating our clients with respect and being by their side during the stressful, difficult aftermath of such an injury. The Waffenschmidt Law Firm, LLC will help seek an efficient and fair resolution of personal injury claims.

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