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Medical malpractice: Surgery causes permanent disability

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Medical Malpractice

There is no doubt that doctors in Pennsylvania and across the country have difficult jobs. They are often tasked with determining the cause of a patient’s illness and the most appropriate treatment. Unfortunately, an inaccurate diagnosis can ultimately lead to treatment that has more debilitating effects than the original illness. In fact, an out-of-state woman claims in a medical malpractice lawsuit that she suffered permanent injury after she underwent surgery for an ailment that only required drug therapy.

The lawsuit involves a woman who claims that she was experiencing numbness and muscle weakness on the left side of her body. As a result, she claims that doctors performed surgery on her. Court documents describe the surgery as improperly executed, unnecessary and too aggressive. The woman claims that it caused neurologic injuries that left her permanently disabled.

The woman claims that had doctors waited until lab tests were completed, they would have realized that the surgery was unnecessary. Four days after the procedure, lab tests revealed that the woman had neurocysticercosis, an infection caused by a tapeworm. This infection does not require surgery.

While there have been advances in medical treatments that have allowed people in Pennsylvania to live longer, more comfortable lives, some of these treatments can have devastating effects. As such, medical care professionals must take measures to ensure that prescribed therapies are actually necessary and will not cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, a woman now claims that she is facing lifelong disabilities as a result of a surgery that she did not actually need. Many victims of medical malpractice are unsure of their legal options, but there are experienced professionals who can help them determine how to appropriately respond.

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