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Does your ATV accident warrant legal action?

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2020 | Personal Injury

Pennsylvania is a fantastic place to visit during the autumn months. Scenic views bursting with foliage make spending time outdoors a pleasure. An ATV can be a great way to cover distance where there is no public road, and many people simply enjoy a ride through the countryside. ATV crashes are a sad reality, but many riders may not be aware that an ATV accident that results in personal injury could merit a civil case.

If the driver of an ATV is carrying a passenger, and the driver negligently causes a crash, the driver may be financially responsible for injuries suffered by a victim. Not all ATVs are designed to carry a passenger, and a driver must be familiar with the load capacity and other important information before operating the ATV. Of course, ATV crashes are not always the fault of a driver.

In some cases, a landowner could be at fault. Some examples of landowner negligence may be designated ATV trails that are not kept free of debris or not blocked off in the event of a hazard. Many ATV crashes are caused by dangerous terrain, and an attorney with experience handling personal injury or premises liability cases can help a victim determine if this sort of case would be appropriate.

The vehicle manufacturer could also be at fault for personal injuries resulting from an ATV wreck. If the operator had no indication that a system or part on the vehicle was faulty or defective, the company that made the ATV may be responsible. Accident victims can reach out to an experienced attorney to learn more about options for legal recourse and decide how best to pursue justice and compensation in a Pennsylvania civil court.

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