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Winter woes: Personal injury and kids

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Personal Injury

Winter can be a truly magical season for children, especially in places like Pennsylvania where snowfall is pretty much guaranteed. This year, snow has already fallen and accumulated in many parts of the state, and with the holiday season officially underway, kids are loving life. An unexpected personal injury to a child can be frightening and upsetting to both a child and parents or guardians. Experts have offered a few tips to keep little ones safe this season.

Dressing a child appropriately for cold weather may seem like a no-brainer, but bundling up might result in serious injury or death where vehicle safety is concerned. Experts say that a bulky coat or other outerwear should be removed prior to buckling a child in a car seat, because a winter coat or similar garb can cause the safety belts to malfunction, putting a child at risk. Instead, a snuggly blanket can be used to keep a buckled child warm.

Parents should also make sure that kids know the household’s fire safety plan. Each year, people are injured or killed in their own homes when fire breaks out from space heaters, fireplaces and other winter risks. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a must for homes with oil heat. These tips are just a few ways to keep kids happy and healthy during the winter months.

Unfortunately, no amount of care and preparation can guarantee that a child will not get hurt. If a serious personal injury is the fault of another party, parents might consider taking legal action on behalf of an injured child. Pennsylvania families might benefit from professional help in the form of an experienced attorney. A lawyer can help a client utilize the legal system to seek justice and financial relief on behalf of an injured child

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