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2-car collision kills 29-year-old cyclist

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2021 | Wrongful Death

Many Pennsylvania residents own a bicycle and use it for exercise, leisure, as a cheaper option for getting around or perhaps a combination of these reasons. Cyclists who ride in urban areas have to pay particular attention to safety rules, as they often share roads with larger, motorized vehicles. Unfortunately, collisions are not uncommon in cities, and when they happen, typically, the cyclist bears the brunt of the impact. In a recent tragic example, a cyclist was killed after two cars hit him on a roadway in Philadelphia.

Cyclist hit while crossing road

The incident happened on a Wednesday evening. The Philadelphia Police Department has said a 29-year-old man on a bicycle was crossing the road traveling west when he was hit by a northbound vehicle. The impact sent the cyclist into the southbound lanes where he was struck again by a second, southbound vehicle.

Road known for serious bike crashes

Reportedly, emergency responders transported the cyclist to a local hospital. Sadly, once there, he was pronounced dead. Although police have not yet made any arrests, they are continuing to investigate. According to statistics, it is not uncommon to see serious or fatal bike accidents in Philadelphia, and Broad Street, where this crash happened, has seen a high number of serious bike crashes in recent years.

Authorities have not yet concluded their investigation, and when they do, evidence may indicate one or both drivers were at fault, whether due to speeding, distraction or some other form of negligence and/or recklessness. Often, people who have lost a loved one in this type of tragic manner feel the person responsible should be held accountable. In Pennsylvania, as in all other states, a victim’s surviving family members have the right to pursue options within the civil justice system, including a wrongful death lawsuit. Attorneys with extensive experience in this area of the law can provide valuable guidance.

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