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A misdiagnosis can prove very costly for medical patients

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

Those who seek medical treatment in Pennsylvania rely on the skill and expertise of doctors, surgeons and other health care providers. For any medical procedure to be successful, certain steps must be followed. However, if a physician or nurse makes a mistake in any part of the treatment process, the patient can ultimately suffer serious consequences that include serious injuries and even death.  

Lawsuit alleges misdiagnosis 

In another state, a lawsuit was filed after medical malpractice allegedly caused a man to lose his leg. The lawsuit said the man went swimming in a bay, and the next day, his leg became discolored and began aching, so he visited an urgent care center. According to the lawsuit, the man began to develop blisters on his leg while he was in the lobby waiting to be seen. The lawsuit claimed the man was diagnosed with an ankle sprain by the defendant and sent home. 

Substantial monetary award 

The man said he visited a podiatrist the following day who discovered he was suffering from an aggressive bacterial infection and sent him to a local emergency room. Doctors there diagnosed the man with a necrotizing bacterial infection that needed immediate treatment. Allegedly, despite multiple attempts to stop and treat the infection, the plaintiff required an above-knee amputation of his lower right leg. The lawsuit claimed the initial misdiagnosis ultimately led to the plaintiff losing his leg. A jury sided with the plaintiff, and he was awarded a total of $7.6 million. 

Just a seemingly minor mistake made by a medical provider can end up having serious or deadly outcomes for the patient. Those in Pennsylvania who have suffered due to medical malpractice have options available to ease their pain and suffering. By filing a lawsuit, victims and families could obtain rightful monetary damages. 

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