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Driver arrested after crash that killed a pregnant woman

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Wrongful Death

Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only illegal and often leads to trouble. Nevertheless, there are still many drivers in Pennsylvania who throw caution to the wind and get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Reportedly, U.S. Marshals recently arrested a dump truck driver who allegedly drove drunk and caused a head-on crash that killed a pregnant woman in Pennsylvania.

Head-on crash

The deadly crash happened in Lower Providence Township on South Park Avenue. According to reports from investigators, the dump truck driver was driving above the 25 mph speed limit and veered into oncoming traffic after failing to negotiate a curve. Reports said the dump truck collided head-on with an SUV driven by the pregnant woman.

Tragically, the woman and her unborn child were killed. Authorities noted that the collision was so violent that it separated the dump truck bed from its chassis and stopped the SUV immediately. Investigators said the dump truck driver admitted to drinking beer before the accident. The driver was recently arrested in another state by U.S. Marshals and was charged with first-degree vehicular homicide, careless driving/unintentional death and other serious charges.

Accident aftermath

Unfortunately, not all drivers are as focused or attentive as they should be behind the wheel. Anyone in Pennsylvania who is injured or suffers the loss of an immediate family member in a motor vehicle accident caused by negligence has options available for legal recourse. By speaking with an experienced attorney and successfully navigating a lawsuit, victims and families could obtain deserved monetary damages.

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