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Failure To Diagnose And Other Diagnosis Errors

Medical malpractice takes many forms, and one of the most common is diagnosis errors. Failure to diagnose – as well as misdiagnosis and delayed diagnosis – can cause significant harm to patients. Medical conditions that would have been treatable if caught early can become severe or even fatal.

At The Waffenschmidt Law Firm, LLC, we’re committed to seeking justice on behalf of victims of medical malpractice, including those who have been harmed by diagnosis errors. Our lead attorney has more than 32 years of experience. He is widely known and respected as a leading medical malpractice attorney for injury victims. Based in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, our firm handles these cases throughout the area in both state and federal courts.

What Contributes To Diagnosis Errors

Medical professionals have many diagnostic tools and protocols at their disposal. A swift and accurate diagnosis is one of their most important jobs. An effective treatment plan depends on getting the diagnosis right.

Many factors can contribute to diagnostic errors, including:

  • Failure to order appropriate laboratory testing or imaging
  • Failure to take an adequately thorough patient history
  • Failure to adequately interpret test results
  • Failure to consult with experts or refer the patient to the appropriate expert

Through a medical malpractice case, you can hold a negligent medical provider accountable for diagnostic errors. Hospitals and clinics can also be held liable if their institutional negligence contributed to the harm you suffered.

Pursuing Compensation To Address All Of The Ramifications Of An Inaccurate Diagnosis

Failure to diagnose can lead to significant consequences. The patient may end up unnecessarily undergoing unnecessary procedures or surgeries. They may be prescribed medication for a condition they don’t have. They might miss out on the critical window of time to effectively treat their underlying condition. Failure to diagnose can even lead to wrongful death.

Our attorney can help you pursue a financial recovery that reflects all of the harm you have suffered. A medical malpractice case also sends a strong message to other medical providers and health care institutions that they need to take strong steps to prevent mistakes like the one you and your family endured.

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