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What's being done to advance research on rare cancers

Medical centers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. cannot offer many treatment options when it comes to rare cancers, and this is one of the greatest challenges that patients have to face. It stems from the fact that rare tumors are difficult to study. With not enough patients who can be gathered for group clinical trials, doctors only have individual case reports to go off. Furthermore, there are few doctors who specialize in rare cancers in the first place.

Why patients file medical malpractice suits

Medical professionals in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation could face negligence claims from patients. In 2015, 7% of those claims went to trial, but plaintiffs were only successful in 12% of those cases. It is more common for medical malpractice claims to be made against doctors who are male and who are 55 and older. A misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis is the most common reason that a patient will pursue a malpractice case.

The elements of a medical malpractice lawsuit

When Pennsylvania residents take legal action against negligent hospitals or doctors that have caused them harm, the success of their medical malpractice lawsuits hinge on their ability to establish two key elements. The first is proving that the doctors who treated them or the medical facilities where they were treated acted in ways that did not meet generally accepted industry standards. Patients then have to show that their injury, loss or damage was caused directly by this substandard care.

How to choose a surgeon

As a general rule, surgeries performed with the help of robots are more technically difficult than those done through either large or small incisions. However, robotic surgeries generally allow for better long- and short-term outcomes for patients in Pennsylvania and throughout the country. Some of the benefits include less pain, shorter recovery time and a decreased chance of getting an infection. It may also be possible to limit the amount of disfigurement a person will experience.

Adaptable, humble surgeons can prevent medical mistakes

When Pennsylvania patients need to undergo an operation, they want highly qualified surgeons to perform the procedure. For most patients, this means their surgeon should have a degree from a top-flight medical school, years of experience and superb surgical skills. However, according to experts, patients should also look for a surgeon who has excellent non-technical skills, such as adaptability and humility.

Military Ear Plug Litigation

If you were in the service between 2003 and 2015 and have suffered hearing loss you may have a claim against the manufacturer of combat arms earplugs. 3M and its predecessor Aearo Technologies sold defective combat arms earplugs version 2 to the US Military during this time. These earplugs may have caused significant and permanent hearing loss as well as tinnitus to military personal including those who's served in Iraq or Afghanistan. In July 2018 the US Department of Justice announced that 3 M agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold defective earplugs that did not work as expected thus putting soldiers at high risk of hearing damage. Military personal who have been harmed by this product must file a civil lawsuit to be compensated for their injuries. At the Waffenschmidt Law Firm we can assist you in this process and protect your rights.

Few people are allergic to penicillin

Some 32 million people in Pennsylvania and throughout the United States are supposed to be allergic to penicillin. However, a new study from the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology has found that only a tiny fraction of these people are actually allergic. Of the 32 million people who supposedly have penicillin allergies, 95 percent can actually take the drug safely, according to the AAAAI. Penicillin has saved millions of lives since it was first discovered to fight bacteria harmful to humans.

Your vulnerability to medical mistakes may surprise you

With all of the education and training that doctors, nurses and other health care professionals here in Pennsylvania and elsewhere receive, you would think that they know what they are doing 100 percent of the time. Sadly, this is not always the case. In fact, you could find yourself shocked at just how vulnerable you could be to medical mistakes.

Pets may be victims of medical malpractice

A pet can be just as important to a family as its human relatives, and many Pennsylvania pet owners go to great lengths to make sure that their furry friends receive the best care. Much like their counterparts in the human healthcare field, veterinarians are held to certain standards, and violations can lead to medical malpractice accusations. A negligent veterinarian can cause injury or death to a beloved pet, and that vet may be held responsible for faulty procedures. 

Misdiagnosis of MS leads to medical malpractice claim

Receiving an accurate and timely diagnosis for a medical condition allows a Pennsylvania patient to make informed decisions about the kind of treatment to pursue. It is critical for a physician to run the appropriate tests, to take all reasonable care in interpreting their results and to consult with colleagues when in doubt. One doctor in another state is facing medical malpractice claims for allegedly misdiagnosing patients with multiple sclerosis, leaving their true conditions untreated and their lives in disarray.

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