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Surviving families may file workers' compensation after accidents

A Pennsylvania worker was recently fatally injured in a construction accident. In addition to the emotional burden of losing a loved one, families in this situation may also face sudden unexpected financial concerns as well. Filing for workers' compensation on behalf of a deceased loved one may be beneficial.

Officials say that the man was working at a storage yard one morning when the accident occurred. Specific details of the incident were not released. However, the man was said to have been working with construction equipment when he became trapped from the waist down and was subsequently crushed.

Car accidents can be fatal for motorcyclists

Accidents involving motor vehicles can easily cause property damage and even serious injury. This is especially true of car accidents that involve motorcycles. One young biker was recently killed in a collision with a car in Pennsylvania.

Police state that the man was riding his motorcycle as part of a funeral procession for another biker who was killed in a collision earlier in the month. He supposedly fell behind the rest of the group and attempted to close the gap and catch up. While doing so, a woman driving a car in the opposite direction attempted to make a turn in front of him, causing their vehicles to crash.

Injured workers may benefit from workers' compensation

Working construction can be dangerous. This is especially true when doing work related to demolition. Injuries happen often in this line of work, as evidenced in a recent Pennsylvania accident involving two contractors. These men may be considering filing for workers' compensation after suffering injuries on the job.

According to authorities, several contractors were working on a vacant building that had been under construction for several days. The two victims were attempting to remove the brick facade when it collapsed on them. The rest of the building remained intact, however, and was deemed structurally sound.

Who to contact after a car accident

Car accidents happen all the time, and they can range in severity. A report from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation found that in 2014, an average of 332 car accidents happened every single day. This resulted in over 200 people suffering injuries daily.

For many people, their first thoughts turn toward hiring an attorney to represent them in the inevitable lawsuit. However, there are other people and organizations to reach out to following a collision. Contacting these sources as soon as possible will help greatly down the line.

Alleged drunk driver now facing wrongful death lawsuit

Losing a loved one in a car accident can be devastating. When the cause of the crash is a drunk driver, it can be even more heartbreaking knowing that the entire incident could have been avoided had that driver not gotten behind the wheel. One Pennsylvania family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a taxi driver charged with killing a man in one such accident.

According to police reports, the driver's cab jumped the curb after making a turn. The cab then hit two pedestrians that were on the sidewalk. One victim was killed by the impact, and the other victim suffered serious injuries to his lower body. The driver claimed that his vehicle left the roadway because he was attempting to avoid another driver that ran a red light. However, police stated that video surveillance contradicts that claim.

Workers' compensation may help those with construction injuries

Whether due to faulty equipment or a simple mistake, accidents in the construction industry are not uncommon. Though some accidents may be trivial, others can lead to severe injuries. Workers in Pennsylvania and other states who have suffered such injuries may choose to file workers' compensation claims to gain financial assistance during and after their recovery. One worker may decide to file after a recent accident.

Witnesses said that the worker, who was on the phone with a vendor for the site, walked behind a dump truck as the driver was attempting to back up. The tailgate of the truck struck the man on the shoulder, knocking him to the ground. He then rolled under the truck and was trapped. The driver stopped the vehicle when other nearby employees banged on the truck to alert him.

Workers' compensation could help those injured on the job

Utility workers may face many hazards during their work days. When accidents on the job occur, employees may choose to file workers' compensation claims to gain financial assistance after being injured. Several Pennsylvania utility workers may consider filing after suffering injuries in a recent gas explosion.

Four workers were responding to a call from a homeowner when the incident occurred. Reports indicated a gas odor was present in the neighborhood. A resident from the home suspected of the leak was evacuated before the explosion. Since the explosion, the entire block has been cordoned off.

Top 5 reasons car accidents occur

Most people will end up in a car accident at some point in their lives. In fact, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation found that in 2014, 332 crashes occurred on average every day.

It is much better to avoid a car accident in the first place than have to deal with the aftermath. Here are five typical reasons why people end up in a collision:

Single car accidents can be as fatal as those involving many cars

When collisions occur, most envision a crash between two or more cars. However, many car accidents involve only one vehicle. One such single vehicle accident occurred in Pennsylvania that lead to the death of a young woman.

Pennsylvania State Police stated that the 26-year-old woman was a passenger in a Roadster kit car driven by a 39-year-old man. For reasons that are at this time still unclear, the man driving lost control of the vehicle. The car then left the roadway and struck a tree, ejecting both people from the car.

Workers' compensation may benefit those injured in factories

Working in a factory setting can be dangerous. Whether operating heavy machinery or assembling products, accidents can easily occur. When injuries result from these types of incidents, employees can file workers' compensation claims to help take care of the situation. One Pennsylvania woman may choose to file a claim after an explosion injured her on the job.

The woman worked at a fireworks company. The owner stated that she was working on assembling an electronic match when it exploded. Reports also indicate that a small fire broke out but was quickly extinguished. Multiple rescue agencies, including fire crews and the Allentown Bomb Squad, responded to the accident.


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