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Injured employees may benefit from workers' compensation claims

There are many ways an employee can become injured on the job. For construction workers, falls or equipment malfunctions are often factors, and for office workers, long-term injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome may arise. When injuries like these and others occur, employees may choose to seek workers' compensation benefits. One Pennsylvania man is likely looking into his options after an explosion at his workplace.

The victim worked at a local whiskey distillery. Few details of the accident have been released at this time. According to officials, an explosion occurred in a still used to make the whiskey. Fortunately, the explosion did not lead to a fire. It is currently unknown what caused the still to explode.

Bad weather may lead to more car accidents

When a driver agrees to transport a passenger, the driver then owes a duty of care to that person to keep the individual safe on the road. In addition to obeying laws and paying attention to traffic, drivers with passengers must also take weather factors into consideration to avoid car accidents. Sadly, one Pennsylvania woman was recently killed after the driver she was riding with crashed the car into a train during a snowstorm.

Officials said that the two women were on their way to work when the collision occurred. As the SUV began downhill near the train tracks, the driver was unable to stop. The vehicle crashed through the gate and struck the passing train. The driver was able to exit the SUV before it hit the train, but the passenger was not.

Workers' compensation could help injured transportation workers

Most professions, whether in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, contain some form of risk in the daily tasks. Some of these risks are negligible, although others may lead to serious injuries for those involved. When employees face injuries, they may choose to file for workers' compensation benefits to help deal with the impact. Two subway workers in another state may consider filing after recently being injured on the job.

Officials stated that the subway tunnel the accident occurred in was under construction and therefore closed to passenger trains. Maintenance trains were still operational. For reasons that have yet to be determined, two of the maintenance trains hit each other. Fortunately, they did not derail.

Older drivers and car accidents: A real problem?

Throughout your life, you have likely heard stories in which someone suffered an injury or died from an accident with an older driver. Perhaps it even happened to a loved one. However, you might be wondering if the talk about older drivers being dangerous is hype or if there is truth behind it.

The answer, as with many things, cuts both ways.

Pennsylvania man may be at fault for wrongful death of boy

Losing a family member to an automobile accident is always tragic. This can be particularly true when the victim is a young child. Though nothing can replace the loss of life, a surviving family may seek closure through filing a wrongful death claim in civil court. One Pennsylvania family may be looking into their legal options after a young boy was recently killed in a hit-and-run crash.

According to police, the victims were in a vehicle whose driver was attempting to make a left turn when the car was struck by a van. Witnesses claim that the driver of the van got out of the vehicle to check the damage before getting back inside and driving away. In his attempt to leave, his van struck a parked vehicle before continuing westward.

Car accidents may result in severe injuries

Roadway collisions have become an all too common event in Pennsylvania and across the country. In addition to the property damage that often accompanies car accidents, those involved may suffer serious injuries as well. Four nuns were recently severely injured in a recent crash.

Police said that the accident occurred one evening on Conchester Highway. Reports indicate that the two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions. For reasons that have yet to be determined, a driver in the opposite lane from the nuns veered over the double yellow center lines. This resulted in a head-on collision.

Workers' compensation death benefits may help surviving families

Accidents on the job can happen in an instant. Most Pennsylvania businesses utilize various safety precautions to prevent such an incident, but sometimes injuries occur in unexpected ways. A worker in another state was recently killed while on the job at an aerostructure manufacturer. Families facing similar circumstances can secure the services of a workers' compensation attorney to look into filing for death benefits.

Reports state that the employee was working to help move an aircraft part. For reasons that are still unclear, the load shifted while being moved by an overhead crane. This caused it to fall and crush the worker. 

Negligent drivers often cause of car accidents

Drivers who act negligently are a common cause of motor vehicle accidents. There are many different ways someone can be negligent while driving, including driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, texting while driving or being too tired to drive. These types of car accidents can be even more devastating knowing that they could have been easily prevented. Tragically, a young girl was recently killed by an allegedly negligent driver in Pennsylvania.

The victim, a 12-year-old girl, was walking home with her siblings at the time of the crash, which is said to have occurred at 8:10 p.m. Police stated that the driver involved was using his phone to text while driving. While on the phone, his car drifted onto the shoulder and struck the victim.

Seat belts save many, but not all

It is a fact that wearing a seat belt when traveling in a motor vehicle in Pennsylvania may be one of the best ways to reduce the risk of losing one’s life in a car crash. Unfortunately, even seat belt use is not a 100-percent guarantee.

Seat belt use, however important, may not save everyone in a car accident. Nonetheless, it can increase chances of survival and reduce the odds of a serious injury.

Workers' compensation could assist those hurt in explosions

Whether in Pennsylvania or located elsewhere in the country, workers who are injured on the job may be unsure of how to proceed after such an event. Fortunately, many are entitled to file workers' compensation claims to help cope with the aftermath of an accident. Multiple employees in a neighboring state may choose to file after being hurt by explosions in a cosmetics factory.

Two explosions occurred roughly 25 minutes apart at a cosmetics factory. Investigators have yet to determine the cause at this time. Reports indicate that a section of the factory's roof was damaged from the resulting flames and smoke. Over 100 firefighters from the county and from neighboring counties worked to rescue those inside and put out the fire.


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