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Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries in car accidents

When drivers get behind the wheel, they must remain attentive to their surroundings. If they fail to notice other cars or people nearby, inattentive drivers can easily cause car accidents. Collisions involving pedestrians often lead to serious injuries. Three people were recently injured in Pennsylvania when a driver lost control.

Police report that the collision was caused when a driver in a minivan attempted to change from the middle lane to the right-hand lane. The van hit the rear of an SUV traveling in the right lane. Officials claim that the driver then panicked and accelerated, losing control of her vehicle. Her van then left the road and hit two pedestrians and a newspaper stand before crashing into a bank.

Top 3 medical malpractice claims

Medical providers very often have their patients’ lives in their hands and bear the responsibility of giving effective appropriate treatment to every person. This is stressful for professionals who are often overworked in facilities that are understaffed. The result is a higher frequency of mistakes. These mistakes may be inconsequential, or they may seriously damage a patient’s life. These three common medical malpractice claims represent the latter.

Delayed or incorrect diagnosis

Family may file wrongful death claim after woman killed in crash

There could be any number of reasons a car accident might happen. Whether drivers fail to pay attention to their surroundings or actively break traffic laws, these accidents can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities. One Pennsylvania family may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against a driver after a young woman was killed in a crash.

The victim was a passenger in a car traveling west on a local state road. The driver responsible for the collision was headed east. For reasons currently unknown, the second driver crossed the center line into the pathway of the victim's vehicle. After the impact, witnesses stated that both vehicles caught fire.

Workers' compensation could help those injured by heavy machinery

In spite of the safety precautions companies have in place for working with heavy machinery, accidents can still happen. Pennsylvania employees who are injured in these types of accidents often file workers' compensation claims to help cope with the aftermath. One employee now likely faces a long road to recovery after a severe injury by an industrial machine.

The worker was operating a machine at the manufacturing company where she is employed. According to witnesses, the woman's hand and arm became lodged in the machine. It still remains unclear what caused her limb to become entangled. The local branch of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the incident, which is a mandatory regulation for industrial accidents.

Pennsylvania car accidents: Children hurt in school bus crash

Multiple Pennsylvania children were injured after their school bus was involved in a recent hit-and-run collision. Thankfully, all of the children survived the crash. When car accidents like this occur, the victims - or parents of the victims in the cases of minors - may have grounds to file personal injury claims against the driver responsible.  

According to authorities, the driver who was responsible for the crash attempted to pass two commercial vehicles and their escort vehicles. Seeing the approaching school bus in the opposite lane, the driver pulled back into his lane, colliding with one of the escort vehicles. This pushed the escort vehicle into the bus, causing the bus to hit one of the tractor-trailers before overturning. Police are still searching for the driver believed to be at fault.

Workers' compensation could help those injured in falls at work

Pennsylvania employees who suffer injuries from accidents in the workplace may end up missing an extended amount of time from work as part of their recovery. When situations like this develop, the injured worker may consider filing a workers' compensation claim. One construction worker is likely looking into filing a claim of his own after getting hurt in a fall at the site where he was working.

The man was working at the future site of a retirement community on the morning of May 16 when the incident occurred. Officials stated that the man was a masonry worker, working on scaffolding some 40 feet off the ground. The worker fell from the scaffolding, though the cause of the fall has yet to be determined.

Pennsylvania car accidents sometimes lead to fatalities

Whatever the cause, loss of life is always heartbreaking. It is especially so when the death could have been avoided. Car accidents are a major cause of fatalities in Pennsylvania and across the country. One family is mourning the loss of a loved one after she was killed in a recent collision.

The victim was traveling southbound in her SUV on Interstate 79 at the time of the crash. For unknown reasons, a driver in another SUV struck the victim's vehicle from behind. The force of the impact sent the victim's car into the median while the other SUV  crossed lanes and finally stopped on a western embankment. Police are still investigating the cause of the crash.

Victims' families could benefit from wrongful death claims

Automobile collisions involving multiple vehicles can lead to severe personal harm and property damage. In some instances, victims may even suffer fatal injuries. When this occurs, the surviving family of the deceased may consider filing a wrongful death claim in hopes of legal recourse. One Pennsylvania family may have grounds for doing so after a multi-vehicle crash killed an elderly man.

According to authorities, the driver believed to be responsible was speeding and failed to stop at a red light. That vehicle hit the victim's car as the victim was making a turn. A third vehicle was also part of the accident, though reports do not indicate to what extent it was involved.

Injured construction worker may seek workers' compensation

Construction sites can be dangerous locations for Pennsylvania workers. In spite of the many safety precautions taken, accidents still occur regularly. Workers who are injured in such incidents often opt to file workers' compensation claims. One construction worker is likely looking into filing a claim after a wall collapsed on him.

The accident occurred at an old city building that was in the process of being demolished. At the time of the accident, witnesses describe hearing a loud boom and seeing a brick wall crumble down into the basement of the building. The chief building official for the city stated that the cause of the collapse is unknown, as the wall appeared to have been properly braced. City safety inspectors as well as OSHA officials are conducting a full investigation.

How motorcyclists can help car drivers

It is a fact of life that vehicles of all sorts, from giant tractor-trailers to lightweight bicycles, are on roads. In fact, bicyclists and motorcyclists face many dangers that others on the road do not even realize exist.

Motorcyclists can help keep themselves and others safe by making life easier for car drivers. Here are a few examples of how this preventative approach can minimize the risk of medical bills and lost wages.


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