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Pennsylvania car accidents often result in injury

Traffic laws are in place for a reason. Though they may seem inconvenient at times, such laws are enforced in order to protect people's lives. When drivers fail to obey the laws, serious car accidents are more likely to occur. One Pennsylvania driver is now being accused of breaking the law and causing a collision that resulted in four people being injured.

The crash took place at a local intersection. Police allege that a driver failed to stop at a stop sign. In doing so, that driver's vehicle struck the driver side door of another car. The driver believed to have caused the collision has since been charged for her failure to stop.

Injured city worker may choose to file for workers' compensation

When Pennsylvania workers are injured on the job, they may not know how to proceed in light of such an event. Luckily, many could be entitled to file for workers' compensation, which could provide financial assistance to injured employees. A city worker in another state might choose to file after being hurt while working on the road.

According to police, the man worked for the city. He was driving a truck used for painting lines on the shoulder of the highway in the early morning hours. For reasons that have yet to be determined, a car with four occupants crashed into the work truck. Authorities have not stated whether charges will be filed against the driver of that car.

What to do after a car accident in a company vehicle

Many citizens of Pennsylvania will experience a car crash some time in life. A report from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation found that one out of every 43 people in the state were in collisions in 2016. 

Car accidents can become even scarier if you are involved in a collision while driving the company car. For the most part, the steps are the same no matter what vehicle you are driving, but there are some key differences. 

Pennsylvania car accidents: woman killed, another injured

Collisions between automobiles often cause property damage as well as injuries for those involved. Whenever multiple vehicles are present, the results of car accidents can be more serious. A woman was recently killed in a multiple-vehicle crash in Pennsylvania.

According to authorities, traffic along the turnpike slowed due to a construction zone. Reports indicate that a commercial vehicle was traveling at a high speed and failed to slow, striking the car in front of it. The victim's car then struck the rear of the vehicle in front of it, which in turn struck a fourth vehicle.

Injured utility workers may benefit from workers' compensation

There are many jobs that carry an element of danger with them. Utility work is one. Whenever a worker is injured on the job, he or she may decide to file for workers' compensation to help cope with the aftermath of an accident. One Pennsylvania utility worker may choose to file after recently suffering a severe injury.

The employee was a lineman with the power company. He was working to help restore power after the recent damage caused by Hurricane Irma. A spokesman from the company said that the worker and others were working in difficult conditions for long periods. In doing so, the man came into contact with an energized power line, which shocked him.

Pennsylvania car accidents: 9 injured in recent crash

Motor vehicle collisions can happen in an instant. Those involved rarely receive any warning beforehand that a crash is about to occur. Car accidents in Pennsylvania and across the country often result in injuries and property damage. Nine people were injured in a recent accident on Interstate 78.

Few details of the crash have been released at this time. Police stated that as a young man was driving along the interstate, his car sideswiped an SUV. The force of the impact pushed the SUV into the guardrail. Police are still investigating to determine the initial cause of the collision.

Surviving families may be entitled to file wrongful death claims

When someone is killed in a car accident, the person's surviving family may be unsure of how to proceed after such a tragedy. To help handle some of the possible financial burdens, they may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the party believed to be responsible. One family may be looking into their legal options after a man was killed in a multiple vehicle accident in Pennsylvania.

Police reports state that the victim was a passenger in a sedan that struck an SUV. The force of that impact pushed the sedan into the opposite lane, where it then struck a tractor-trailer.  The initial cause of the crash is unknown at this time, but police continue to investigate. 

Do you know how to spot a drunk driver?

Everyone knows that drinking alcohol and driving do not mix. The risk of getting caught, crashing into another person and becoming injured is too great. Yet, some individuals still take chances and drive while buzzed, knowing those dangers. 

As a motorist who frequents the streets of Pennsylvania every day, you may not realize when you are driving near a drunken driver. To minimize the chances of you encountering intoxicated drivers, review the following signs of inebriation. 

Power plant workers may file workers' compensation claims

Most workplaces in Pennsylvania have many safety precautions in place to prevent injuries. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen. When accidents do occur, many workers choose to file workers' compensation claims. Several workers were recently injured and some were killed after a toxic gas was accidentally released during repair work in an enclosed area.

According to officials, six workers were taking part in an expansive maintenance project involving the piping equipment at the power plant. The men were performing repairs on an underground pipe at the time of the accident. In removing an elbow joint of the pipe, they unintentionally released hydrogen sulfide gas into the confined space. Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigators note that the gas is highly flammable and explosive and exposure to it could be life-threatening.

Car accidents are especially dangerous for pedestrians

Motor vehicle collisions are a common occurrence for many people in Pennsylvania and around the country. Though some car accidents are inconsequential, others lead to severe injuries. This can be particularly true when pedestrians are involved. Multiple people were recently struck by a vehicle while walking in a local neighborhood.

Police reported that seven people, five of whom were children, were struck by a car traveling in the wrong lane in a residential area. Though details of the crash are few at this time, photos from the scene show a car with a broken windshield resting on the front lawn of a home. Authorities are still investigating the events leading up to the collision. The driver was taken into custody, though officers did not state what charges the driver may face.


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