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Mysterious death may be case for workers' compensation

Pennsylvania workers maintain a long tradition of pouring blood, sweat and tears into the daily grind. From the mines and steel mills of the past to modern industry, the Keystone State works hard. Some people perform dangerous jobs each day, and when a death occurs on the job, the victim's surviving family members may be entitled to benefits from workers' compensation

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is now investigating a death that took place at an industrial plant this week. A 49-year-old employee of a recycling company working at Multi-plastics Extrusions was found dead. His body was discovered underneath a heavy dumpster. 

Workers' compensation may be appropriate for local victim

Pennsylvania workers are familiar with the term "daily grind," which usually refers to the mundane tasks a person performs at work each day to earn an honest living. Unfortunately for one local woman, the phrase took on a grisly new meaning. An accident that sounds like a scene from a horror movie claimed the life of a hard-working woman, leaving questions about safety surrounding her workplace and possibly raising a case for workers' compensation.  

The woman was working at a storage facility. A fellow employee heard a strange sound and went to check on her. Upon doing so, the employee discovered that the woman had somehow become mangled in a meat grinder. The woman was killed, leaving co-workers shocked and afraid. 

Trouble in paradise: a wrongful death story

Pennsylvania residents are certainly glad that winter is over and warmer temperatures are taking hold. Many daydream of the summer to come, perhaps planning a vacation to a beach or resort. While such plans require preparation, most people do not plan on themselves or a family member becoming the victim of wrongful death while on such a vacation. 

For one family, this nightmarish possibility became a reality. Last summer, a teacher from New York was vacationing at a resort in another state. Perhaps hoping for one last hurrah before she returned to the hustle and bustle of the classroom and a new school year, she packed her things and her dog and hit the road. She surely could not have foreseen the tragedy about to unfold. 

Slip-and-falls may be caused by safety mats

Pennsylvania shoppers are gearing up to contend with April showers. This time of year, it is not unusual to enter a store, only to face a deluge upon exit. Especially in high traffic areas, wet floors can lead to serious injuries for patrons. April showers bring may flowers, but wet floors and halls bring slip-and-falls

Many retail establishments use mats on the floors to prevent patrons from slipping if a floor becomes wet. While certainly, these mats make the surface less slick for shoes, they may pose a hidden danger. The mats, though designed to keep people safe, are often heavy and bulky. This poses a trip hazard, because a foot could easily cause the edge of the mat to fold and send the person crashing to the floor. 


Although asbestos products became illegal a long time ago, many people were exposed to them while working in the ship yards in Philadelphia, during their service in the Navy or in other industries.

OSHA warns of slip-and-falls danger

Though winter has begun to melt away, and spring has come to Pennsylvania at last, April showers may bring more than May flowers. Recently, OSHA made mention of a danger that many people may overlook. Slip-and-falls, often caused by wet or icy conditions, are now on a list of known dangers in several industries. 

Though these sorts of accident may not sound serious, OSHA warns that, when people suffer slip-and-falls, severe injuries can result. Though the warning was issued in an updated packet on workplace safety, slip-and-falls can affect people anywhere. Much like a warehouse or factory, a store, restaurant or other public place may pose a risk to patrons.

Kids and car accidents: tragic ends to tiny lives

Surely, Pennsylvania parents are somewhat aware of the sort of harm that can befall a child if the family vehicle is involved in a crash. Most parents go out of their way to ensure that traveling with kids in the car goes as smoothly and safely as possible. Unfortunately, kids are still at risk of being killed in car accidents even if Mom or Dad isn't behind the wheel. 

Recently, the newly reunited family of a 6-year-old Pennsylvania girl made their way across a road adjacent to a local pub. The child's parents were planning to move together in the near future, and the child was surely thrilled to hold the hand of the father she had not been able to see for a long time. Full of hope, the excited family carefully continued across the street. 

Military Ear Plug Litigation

If you were in the service between 2003 and 2015 and have suffered hearing loss you may have a claim against the manufacturer of combat arms earplugs. 3M and its predecessor Aearo Technologies sold defective combat arms earplugs version 2 to the US Military during this time. These earplugs may have caused significant and permanent hearing loss as well as tinnitus to military personal including those who's served in Iraq or Afghanistan. In July 2018 the US Department of Justice announced that 3 M agreed to pay $9.1 million to resolve allegations that it knowingly sold defective earplugs that did not work as expected thus putting soldiers at high risk of hearing damage. Military personal who have been harmed by this product must file a civil lawsuit to be compensated for their injuries. At the Waffenschmidt Law Firm we can assist you in this process and protect your rights.

Car accidents caused by flying debris can cause serious injury

When Pennsylvania drivers think about serious car crashes, they may assume that two or more vehicles have collided. While this can certainly be the case, in some car accidents, injuries or death may be caused by debris from another vehicle. Recently, such a scenario caused serious injuries to five people. 

The incident occurred at around 4:30 p.m. on a recent Friday as a southbound vehicle was suddenly struck by debris from northbound lanes. Investigators suspect the debris came from a truck carrying heavy equipment. The debris reportedly crashed through the vehicle's windshield, causing serious injuries to two of the occupants and moderate injuries to the other three.

Car accidents can end lives that haven't begun

Pennsylvania drivers know that extra caution must be used when driving during the winter. Bad weather can lead to serious crashes. Unfortunately, some car accidents are caused by things that can be avoided. When a person decides to get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the driver risks causing serious harm to innocent people. 

Recently, a pregnant Pennsylvania woman was the passenger in a vehicle. She was due to have her baby in the spring. Certainly she never expected that her child's life might end before it even had a chance to begin. As the vehicle she was in approached an intersection, tragedy stuck. 

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