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Family of Eldery woman killed could file a wrongful death claim

When someone's actions result in injury or death to another, the aftermath can be devastating to the victim's loved ones. Close relatives often seek legal recourse in pursuit of justice for an accident that injured or killed their family member. A personal injury or wrongful death claim filed by victims or their surviving kin in Pennsylvania can help families pursue legal recourse.

Reports indicate that a male driver crashed his vehicle into a home early in the morning. The car hit the home in the vicinity of a bedroom. An elderly woman was in the bedroom at the time of incident and became trapped.

Negligent drivers increase the likelihood of car accidents

Police and legislators work hard to help ensure that accurate and applicable laws are passed and observed by citizens to help keep motorists safe. Many drivers are diligent and express obvious caution while out driving along Pennsylvania roadways. Unfortunately, some drivers make the choice of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol or driving without a proper license. Victims of a negligent driver and his or her family often suffer heartbreaking losses because of the car accidents that often follow such a poor choice.

Reading police were called to the scene of a serious accident around 9 a.m. An SUV was reported to have gone left of center and struck a vehicle. There was also a third car involved. The SUV proceeded to roll onto its roof after the impact. The 18-year-old driver of the struck vehicle had to be removed from his vehicle after rescue workers removed the roof of his vehicle, which had him trapped.

Clinic faces medical malpractice charges after losing 4000 embryo

With so many Pennsylvania couples facing the heartbreaking reality of infertility, advances in reproductive technology has allowed for many to become parents. Clinics across the country now offer services to aid those who are suffering from infertility but still wish to become parents. Fertility clinics often perform artificial reproductive technologies and hold embryos in a frozen state while parents seek surrogates to carry their long-awaited child. One clinic is in the midst of a medical malpractice lawsuit after negligence has left over 4000 embryos and eggs destroyed.

A clinic in another state reported that a temperature fluctuation in a tank that is used to store frozen embryos and eggs caused over 4000 specimens to become unviable. At the time of the incident, a remote alarm, which notifies staff that the tank is in danger of reaching dangerously high temperatures, had been turned off. The lawsuit also claims that the tanks needed maintenance, which was not rendered, even though the issue had been known by hospital staff for weeks.

How do self-driving cars work?

For years, people have been excited about the prospect of autonomous, or self-driving, vehicles. How convenient would it be to sit in your own vehicle, program your destination into the computer and then sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and your morning news apps while your car drives you to work? However, we still have a long way to go until technology like this is available for the public – and reasonably safe. As a recent, fatal accident illustrated, autonomous technology may not yet be ready for consumers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

The Uber company has been one of those pioneering the self-driving vehicle industry. Autonomous vehicle technology works in the following ways:

  • A system of cameras and lidar sensors mounted around the vehicle
  • The ability to detect nearby obstacles and objects, including other vehicles, pedestrians, lane markings and road signs
  • A safety driver inside autonomous vehicles under testing programs to take the wheel in an emergency

Workers' compensation provides survivor benefits

When working for an employer, one can expect that the company will place employee safety first. Keeping in mind that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is also placing employee and workplace safety first, most can expect a workplace or job site that demands safety and follows safety guidelines and best practices. When an employer knowingly defies laws that are in place to keep its workers safe, the Pennsylvania workers' compensation program is in place to help those injured, or their surviving family members in the event of a fatality, financially when loss of income results from a workplace injury.

A supply company has been formally charged in willfully violating OSHA requirements, which subsequently led to the death of an employee. The company's business is bridge rehabilitation. When the company contracted with the PennDOT to fix a bridge in a nearby county, the company did not have in place the required safety nets to prevent a trench collapse.

Pennsylvania widow files wrongful death claim against police

Losing a loved one in an unsuspected and sudden manner can be very traumatic. Regardless of the reason for injury or death, many family members want to know why the unfortunate incident occurred, and they need these questions answered to reach a sense of closure. One Pennsylvania woman is hoping to find peace and closure by filing a wrongful death claim after her husband was fatally shot by police during an attempted burglary. 

The woman's husband was near the intruder when he was shot by local police officers who were just arriving on the scene. The wife of the deceased says that her husband was fired upon instead of the intruder, who was fleeing at the time. The widow claims that the police fired without warning after shots were heard near the location of the distressing incident.

Young Pennsylvania driver involved in a fatal car accident

Getting one's license is often seen as a rite of passage. This milestone is a big one for many but entails a significant amount of responsibility. Exercising caution, consideration and obeying all laws while driving are important in helping to keep Pennsylvania roadways safe and car accident free. Overconfidence and lack of experience can lead to devastating outcomes.

The incident occurred around 8:35 a.m. A 17-year-old driver attempted to follow a curve in the road she was navigating and lost control of the vehicle. She crossed left of center and into oncoming traffic, striking a vehicle head-on. The 59-year-old man driving the other vehicle was not injured.

Cardiologist faces charges on medical malpractice

Medical professionals are focused on keeping Pennsylvania residents healthy. Unfortunately, some doctors and nurses take advantage of those who are sick or who may not understand medical terminology and the potential outcomes associated with a particular diagnosis. While most health care professionals are well-intentioned and only have patients' best interests at hear, that is not always the case. Unnecessary surgeries can cause future medical issues and complicate an already sensitive health issue, which may well be grounds for pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

A cardiologist in another state stands to face a medical malpractice trial in the coming weeks. He is accused of performing procedures that are unnecessary and altering medical documents. Hundreds of former patients have come forward and claimed the doctor implanted heart devices that were not medically necessary. About 300 lawsuits have been filed that make similar allegations.

Pennsylvania cemetery worker may be seeking workers' compensation

To keep America running like a fine-tuned machine, every job needs to have someone to complete the task, regardless of how undesirable that job may be. Maintaining the final resting place for any deceased Pennsylvania resident requires attention to detail and a demeanor that won't upset the grieving members of the deceased. Digging burial sites is also a requirement of a cemetery caretaker, and it can be a laborious task that can lead to injury. Should one be injured while on the job, the workers' compensation program is in place to help those hurt get through the temporary loss of income.

A 59-year-old worker in another state was digging a grave when an 800-pound vault cover fell in on top of him. The helpless worker was pinned in the grave, unable to move or have the cover removed by co-workers. A co-worker went to call for help.

Medical malpractice: a shockingly common phenomenon

When you sustain a serious injury or become ill and need to go to the hospital, you expect that the medical professionals who treat you will take good care of you, and you soon will be back home and working at your job. Considering the number of excellent medical facilities in and around South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, your expectations are not unreasonable. You therefore probably will be shocked and appalled to learn that medical malpractice not only is commonplace, but is the third leading cause of death in the U.S., accounting for upwards of 251,000 deaths each year.

Medical malpractice occurs when a physician, nurse or other member of your health care team fails to care for you in accordance with the accepted standards of medical care and consequently injures you or, in the worst case, causes your death. Medical malpractice can occur at a hospital, an urgent care facility, a doctor’s office, a pharmacy or any other place where you receive health care advice and/or treatment. Common examples include the following:

  • Failing to diagnose your symptoms or misdiagnosing them
  • Failing to schedule appropriate tests and screenings and/or misinterpreting their results
  • Failing to monitor your progress
  • Failing to give you proper medical treatment
  • Failing to inform you about the risks of specific treatments or procedures
  • Failing to prescribe the proper medications
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