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March 2017 Archives

Bad weather can increase the chance of car accidents

Pennsylvania drivers know that weather can be an issue on the road. This is especially true in the colder months, when snow and ice quickly accumulate. These hazardous road conditions often lead to car accidents that result not only in property damage but also serious injuries. Tragically, this was the case in a recent accident where one man lost his life and another person was injured.

Intoxication often leads to fatal car accidents in Pennsylvania

Driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol is never a good idea. Intoxicated drivers can easily cause car accidents which injure themselves and others on or near the road. Sadly, many of these injuries can be severe and even result in fatalities. One recent Pennsylvania accident involving intoxication left one woman dead and three others injured.

Employee seeks workers' compensation due to long-term injuries

Most of the time when people hear of a worker injured on the job they assume the injury occurred in a singular accident. However, in some cases, the injuries are a result of working several months or years under specific conditions. One Pennsylvania railroad worker is beginning litigation against two rail companies he has worked for in an attempt to gain workers' compensation after suffering permanent injuries over several years.

What you need to know about workers' comp

Imagine working in a busy restaurant. You are constantly going back and forth between the kitchen, the dishwashing area and the tables. You are in danger of burning yourself on a hot plate, cutting a finger on a sharp knife or tripping over an improperly laid floor mat. One evening, when you walk back to the dishwasher to drop off a stack of plates, you slip on a wet surface and fall, breaking your wrist in the process.

Careless drivers can lead to car accidents in Pennsylvania

Everyone knows that accidents can easily occur when drivers have been drinking or are texting while driving. However, drivers who are unaware of their surroundings are another common cause of car accidents in Pennsylvania. Recently, four people, including three children, were hospitalized after a commercial truck collided with their vehicle on Feb. 21.

On medical malpractice claims and a patient's need for legal help

Whenever any patient goes in to receive medical care -- may that appointment be a basic checkup, a more extensive bit of treatment, or a surgery -- they are not thinking about the potential errors that could be made. No one is considering the possible negligent or irresponsible actions that can be taken by medical professionals. This is because, for the most part, we expect the best. Medical professionals are highly trained, after all. So in our minds, the possibility of a mistake being made is incredibly small.


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