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Pedestrians can suffer serious injuries in car accidents

When drivers get behind the wheel, they must remain attentive to their surroundings. If they fail to notice other cars or people nearby, inattentive drivers can easily cause car accidents. Collisions involving pedestrians often lead to serious injuries. Three people were recently injured in Pennsylvania when a driver lost control.

Pennsylvania car accidents: Children hurt in school bus crash

Multiple Pennsylvania children were injured after their school bus was involved in a recent hit-and-run collision. Thankfully, all of the children survived the crash. When car accidents like this occur, the victims - or parents of the victims in the cases of minors - may have grounds to file personal injury claims against the driver responsible.  

Pennsylvania car accidents sometimes lead to fatalities

Whatever the cause, loss of life is always heartbreaking. It is especially so when the death could have been avoided. Car accidents are a major cause of fatalities in Pennsylvania and across the country. One family is mourning the loss of a loved one after she was killed in a recent collision.

Pennsylvania car accidents often due to negligent drivers

When Pennsylvania drivers get behind the wheel, they must think not only of their safety, but of the safety of those riding with them. Some drivers tend to be more reckless when driving alone and may find themselves also taking unnecessary chances when passengers are present. This type of behavior can lead to serious car accidents. One woman recently died after the man she was riding with allegedly failed to follow several laws designed to keep motorists safe.

3 simple tips for safely riding your motorcycle at night

Riding your motorcycle at night is a different experience. With less crowded streets and cooler air, you can escape into a different world that feels free. While riding at night has its advantages, there are risks and limitations, too. The main issue is that everyone has trouble seeing as clearly when it is darker. When you ride at night, you have to be concerned about seeing others and also being visible yourself. Here are some tips to keep yourself safe and avoid accidents as you ride your bike at night. 

Bad weather can increase the chance of car accidents

Pennsylvania drivers know that weather can be an issue on the road. This is especially true in the colder months, when snow and ice quickly accumulate. These hazardous road conditions often lead to car accidents that result not only in property damage but also serious injuries. Tragically, this was the case in a recent accident where one man lost his life and another person was injured.

Intoxication often leads to fatal car accidents in Pennsylvania

Driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol is never a good idea. Intoxicated drivers can easily cause car accidents which injure themselves and others on or near the road. Sadly, many of these injuries can be severe and even result in fatalities. One recent Pennsylvania accident involving intoxication left one woman dead and three others injured.

Careless drivers can lead to car accidents in Pennsylvania

Everyone knows that accidents can easily occur when drivers have been drinking or are texting while driving. However, drivers who are unaware of their surroundings are another common cause of car accidents in Pennsylvania. Recently, four people, including three children, were hospitalized after a commercial truck collided with their vehicle on Feb. 21.


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