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Pennsylvania car accidents often due to negligent drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When Pennsylvania drivers get behind the wheel, they must think not only of their safety, but of the safety of those riding with them. Some drivers tend to be more reckless when driving alone and may find themselves also taking unnecessary chances when passengers are present. This type of behavior can lead to serious car accidents. One woman recently died after the man she was riding with allegedly failed to follow several laws designed to keep motorists safe.

Shortly before the crash, according to the Pennsylvania State Police report, the driver was speeding at 94 mph in a 55 mph work zone. When officers attempted to pull the driver over, he slowed down at the shoulder only to speed around several cars and continue on, after turning off his headlights. By the time police caught up with the man, his vehicle had struck a concrete median that badly damaged the car and caused it to overturn.

A woman riding in the front passenger seat was pronounced dead at the scene. Two teenage boys in the back of the car were both moderately injured, one unresponsive upon discovery. They were taken to separate hospitals where they both survived their injuries. The driver was also hospitalized. He was arraigned bedside and is under guard by troopers.

In addition to the emotional trauma the family of the victim is now facing, they are also likely dealing with unexpected expenses related to the death of their loved one. They may consider filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver of the car. If their claim should successfully prove the driver negligent, they could be awarded monetary damages that could help pay for funeral costs and other accident-related damages. Any Pennsylvania families who have lost loved ones in car accidents could speak with an experienced personal injury attorney for more information about filing a lawsuit.

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