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Workers’ compensation can help injured workers’ families

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

When employees are injured on the job, they not only have to deal with the stress of medical care, but also the potential loss of wages they may face. Filing a workers’ compensation claim could be beneficial to those hurt in the workplace as well as to family members of workers who were killed on the job. One Pennsylvania family may consider filing a claim after a construction worker was fatally injured at work.

The victim was a construction worker who was performing work at the former Cheltenham Mall which is currently under renovation. He and two other workers were attempting to move a safe deposit box in an old Wells Fargo bank. After the men managed to load it onto a lift, the box then fell on the victim.

Authorities stated that the safe deposit box crushed the victim to death when it fell on him. Because of the tremendous size and weight of it, a special operations unit had to be called in to remove it. The two other men were not injured in the accident.

Though nothing can replace the loss of life, the victim’s family could still file a workers’ compensation claim to help find some closure. If their claim is successful, they could then receive monetary damages to help pay for funeral costs and any other financial expenses related to the accident. This is true for any family who lost a loved one due to a fatal work injury. Hiring an experienced Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney could provide more information and assistance to those interested in filing a claim.

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