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How motorcyclists can help car drivers

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It is a fact of life that vehicles of all sorts, from giant tractor-trailers to lightweight bicycles, are on roads. In fact, bicyclists and motorcyclists face many dangers that others on the road do not even realize exist.

Motorcyclists can help keep themselves and others safe by making life easier for car drivers. Here are a few examples of how this preventative approach can minimize the risk of medical bills and lost wages.

Use hand signals

Turn signals can be difficult for car drivers and truckers to see. That is why many motorcyclists also use hand signals — to ensure no communication is lost or misunderstood.

Keep your lane to yourself

Motorcyclists should also avoid sharing their lane with other motorcycles. Sure, sharing can be convenient and save space. However, it creates many more moving objects for drivers to keep their eyes on. A single motorcycle at a time keeps drivers more focused.

Also, sharing your lane with other motorcyclists creates the risk that a motorcycle will turn or brake when you do not expect it to. Crashing into it can create a pileup that involves cars and trucks.

Drive with caution on unfamiliar roads

If you are familiar with driving down a certain street, then you probably know where the potholes and loose gravel are, and you can avoid them almost automatically. However, when you are motorcycling down an unfamiliar street, it may be wise to slow down a little bit, particularly if cars are around.

Add visibility, especially at night

Reflective lights, reflective tape, auxiliary lights, and brightly colored helmets and jackets increase your visibility. They can even rein in some distracted drivers, and a driver who sees you is a driver who may give you a safe amount of space to ride in.

Of course, many motorcyclists take all the precautions in the world and still get hit. And even if they could have taken more precautions, drivers still have a huge responsibility to drive legally and safely. An attorney can review your case and your options.

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