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Workers’ compensation could help those injured on the job

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

Utility workers may face many hazards during their work days. When accidents on the job occur, employees may choose to file workers’ compensation claims to gain financial assistance after being injured. Several Pennsylvania utility workers may consider filing after suffering injuries in a recent gas explosion.

Four workers were responding to a call from a homeowner when the incident occurred. Reports indicated a gas odor was present in the neighborhood. A resident from the home suspected of the leak was evacuated before the explosion. Since the explosion, the entire block has been cordoned off.

Few details of the men’s injuries have been released. However, it is known that a coroner was called to the scene and the UGI Director of Business Development confirmed that one of the workers was killed and three others were injured. One of the men injured is in critical condition, while the others are both currently stable.

The three surviving workers will likely decide to file workers’ compensation claims to help cope with the aftermath of this incident. If their claims are successful, they could receive monetary damages that could help pay for medical bills and any lost wages they may incur as a result of their recovery. Similarly, the family of the deceased victim may also choose to file a claim, which could help them pay for funeral costs and any other expenses related to this accident. Other Pennsylvania workers injured on the job should speak with experienced workers’ compensation attorneys to learn more about these types of claims.

Source: CBS News, “House explosion kills utility worker in Pennsylvania“, July 2, 2017

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