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Car accidents are especially dangerous for pedestrians

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are a common occurrence for many people in Pennsylvania and around the country. Though some car accidents are inconsequential, others lead to severe injuries. This can be particularly true when pedestrians are involved. Multiple people were recently struck by a vehicle while walking in a local neighborhood.

Police reported that seven people, five of whom were children, were struck by a car traveling in the wrong lane in a residential area. Though details of the crash are few at this time, photos from the scene show a car with a broken windshield resting on the front lawn of a home. Authorities are still investigating the events leading up to the collision. The driver was taken into custody, though officers did not state what charges the driver may face.

Five of the seven victims were taken by helicopter to area hospitals. Two of the children were treated and have been released, while one adult is still listed as being in serious condition. The conditions of the remainder of the victims is unknown. A witness stated that a doctor who lived near where the crash occurred helped to treat the victims before emergency responders arrived.

In addition to the emotional trauma car accidents can cause, they can also put a strain on finances. To help offset these costs, victims may be entitled to file personal injury claims. When successful, these claims can provide monetary damages that can be used to help cover costs such as medical bills or any other related expenses. An experienced Pennsylvania attorney could provide more information for anyone interested.

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