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Injured workers may benefit from workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

Working construction can be dangerous. This is especially true when doing work related to demolition. Injuries happen often in this line of work, as evidenced in a recent Pennsylvania accident involving two contractors. These men may be considering filing for workers’ compensation after suffering injuries on the job.

According to authorities, several contractors were working on a vacant building that had been under construction for several days. The two victims were attempting to remove the brick facade when it collapsed on them. The rest of the building remained intact, however, and was deemed structurally sound.

The two men working directly on the facade were injured in the collapse. One worker suffered a significant head injury, but he did not lose consciousness and was able to speak with emergency responders. The other worker suffered several fractures, though the full extent of his injuries was not specified by officials. Both men were taken to an area hospital for treatment. The three other contractors who were working on the site were not injured.

When employees suffer serious injuries such as these, they may be entitled to file workers’ compensation claims. This type of claim, when successful, can award a claimant monetary damages that can help cover the cost of medical bills and cover any lost wages a worker may incur over the course of his or her recovery. An experienced Pennsylvania attorney could provide more information for those interested in learning more about this type of claim. An attorney could also assist in filing and help with any future legal proceedings related to the claim.

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