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Workers’ compensation could benefit surviving families

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Worker's Compensation

Many Pennsylvania jobs rely on heavy machinery to perform daily tasks. While this type of equipment can be essential, operating it can be dangerous. A worker was recently killed in an accident involving a backhoe and a car. His surviving family can retain a workers’ compensation attorney to look into filing for death benefits.

The construction worker was driving a backhoe near the Kittatinny Tunnel when the accident occurred. As the worker attempted to drive across the eastbound lanes, a car collided with the rear bucket of the backhoe. The factors leading to the collision have yet to be revealed.

The impact of the crash ejected the construction worker from the backhoe. Tragically, he was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the car and his passenger were both taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries that were not deemed life-threatening. 

Typically, when a worker in injured on the job, he or she could file for workers’ compensation. Similarly, when a worker suffers a fatal injury at work, his or her surviving family could be entitled to file for death benefits. When these types of claims are successful, families can receive monetary benefits that can be used to help pay for medical bills, funeral bills and cover lost wages. Any employees injured at work or families who have lost loved ones on the job could contact experienced Pennsylvania attorneys to learn more about these types of claims. Additionally, an attorney could assist in filing claims as well as aid in any future related legal proceedings.

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