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Pennsylvania car accidents: 1 killed, 1 injured in recent crash

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When traveling at high speeds, such as when driving on an interstate, motor vehicle collisions can happen in seconds. These types of car accidents may result in serious injuries and property damage for those involved. One woman was killed and another person severely injured in a recent crash on a Pennsylvania interstate.

The collision occurred on Interstate 376 and involved two vehicles. Reports indicate that while both cars were traveling east, the driver of the vehicle in the left lane lost control. The car then struck a vehicle in the right lane. The force of the impact caused that vehicle to hit a guardrail before crashing into a tree.

Police stated that the driver and passenger in the car that was hit were both seriously injured. They were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Tragically, the passenger succumbed to her injuries and passed away at the hospital. Police have not revealed whether any charges will be filed, but continue to investigate the collision.

Victims who are injured in car accidents may be entitled to file personal injury claims in civil court against any party or parties believed to be responsible for the accident. Similarly, surviving families of deceased victims may have the right to file wrongful death claims in civil court. Anyone who has been injured or has lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash could consult an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney to learn more about these types of claims and to further obtain assistance in filing.

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