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Pennsylvania cemetery worker may be seeking workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Worker's Compensation

To keep America running like a fine-tuned machine, every job needs to have someone to complete the task, regardless of how undesirable that job may be. Maintaining the final resting place for any deceased Pennsylvania resident requires attention to detail and a demeanor that won’t upset the grieving members of the deceased. Digging burial sites is also a requirement of a cemetery caretaker, and it can be a laborious task that can lead to injury. Should one be injured while on the job, the workers’ compensation program is in place to help those hurt get through the temporary loss of income.

A 59-year-old worker in another state was digging a grave when an 800-pound vault cover fell in on top of him. The helpless worker was pinned in the grave, unable to move or have the cover removed by co-workers. A co-worker went to call for help.

Rescue workers responded quickly. They carefully dug out the extremely heavy vault cover and lifted the worker to safety. He was transported to a local a hospital and treated for chest injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called in and continues its investigation.

Being injured on the job can leave one without the income that is needed to survive, or worse, it can take the life of the worker. The workers’ compensation program is in place to help cover employees should they fall victim to workplace injuries and need time to recover. The path to receiving workers’ compensation may not be easy, and the guidance of a Pennsylvania attorney may be needed to navigate the process and attend to any appeals, if necessary.

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