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Victims of car accidents may be entitled to seek damages

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Victims of motor vehicle crashes face many unexpected burdens. In addition to the property damage that often results from car accidents, victims may also suffer serious injuries that can lead to physical and emotional trauma and significant medical bills. Two Pennsylvania police officers were recently hurt in a collision that may have been caused by a negligent driver.

The two officers were in the process of conducting a traffic stop at the time of the accident. For reasons that have yet to be determined, another vehicle struck both of them. Additional details of the crash have not been released at this time, as the investigation is still ongoing.

Both officers were injured, though the specifics of those injuries were not reported. They, along with the driver of the car that struck them, were taken to the hospital for treatment. As part of their continued investigation, authorities are looking into the possibility that either speed, alcohol or a combination of the two may have been factors that contributed to the collision.

Victims injured in Pennsylvania car accidents may have multiple options available when it comes to legal recourse, depending on individual circumstances. Because these officers were on duty at the time of the incident, they may be entitled to seek workers’ compensation benefits. Any monetary benefits received could go toward covering expenses related to the injury, such as medical bills or rehabilitation costs. Additionally, further remuneration not covered under workers’ compensation, such as pain and suffering, may be obtained in the form of monetary damages through successfully litigated personal injury claims. 

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