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Car accidents often kill the innocent

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Residents and visitors would likely agree that Pennsylvania has some of the most scenic roads the nation has to offer. Whether for business or pleasure, driving through Pennsylvania is a most enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, the state is not immune to the sorts of tragedies that occur on roads throughout the country each day. Worse still, car accidents can sometimes escalate into criminal charges when innocent people suffer injuries. 

Pennsylvania drivers know that if their vehicle becomes involved in a car accident, they should maneuver to the side of the road as soon as possible, and wait for police and medical assistance to arrive. Recently, a driver on Route 663 rear-ended another vehicle. The impact sent the stricken car into oncoming traffic, where a third car hit it head-on. 

The driver of the rear-ended car was killed as a result, and the driver of the third vehicle suffered serious injuries. The driver responsible for the original collision fled the scene.  Police are seeking witnesses so they can charge the offending driver. By fleeing the scene, the driver showed no regard for the lives of the victims.

When car accidents result in serious injury or death of innocent people, victims and their families may feel wronged or angry. Especially when the person responsible attempts to evade justice, it can be difficult to deal with things like hospital bills, final expenses and insurance matters. In many cases, allowing an experienced attorney to assist can ease the burdens victims and their loved ones must face. 

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