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Child seats not enough to prevent injury during car accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pennsylvania parents are likely aware that adhering to laws pertaining to child safety seats is a must. Research shows that the use of car seats for small children can greatly decrease the risk of serious injuries during car accidents. Unfortunately, even proper car seat use may not be enough, and a child may suffer the consequences. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania toddler was hurt when the vehicle she was riding in was struck from behind. The driver of this vehicle was killed, and a young woman in the front seat suffered serious injury. It is unclear if either adult victim is related to the injured child, and the crash remains under investigation. 

Police report that the toddler was properly restrained in a child safety seat. Despite the best efforts of the adults caring for her, she still suffered serious injuries to her lower limbs. Serious limb injuries can have lifelong implications for a victim. In the worst cases, serious accident injuries can cause a victim to lose the ability to walk or, worse yet, die. 

When children suffer serious injuries in car accidents, parents may feel overwhelmed. A child’s recovery is the priority, and things like medical bills, insurance matters and legal cases can begin to stack up quickly. A consultation with an attorney experienced in personal injury claims  regarding serious car accidents may be appropriate. An attorney may be able to assist with some of these issues as families learn to care for a severely injured child and consider the possibility of legal recourse. 

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