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Slip-and-falls reported at one of the nation’s largest retailers

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Slip-and-fall Injuries

Shopping is a routine experience for most Pennsylvania residents. Sometimes a large store, such as Wal-Mart, can be a convenient place to go, since they carry nearly every item one might need for the members of their households. Though certainly shopping is not considered to be a particularly dangerous activity, there is always the potential for serious injury, including the risk for slip-and-falls

Recently, a shopper filed suit against Wal-Mart seeking compensation for injuries suffered as a result of shopping in the store. The Pennsylvania woman says that a fire pit that had been fully assembled, apparently meant to be a display, caused her to fall in an aisle. She suffered injuries to her neck, shoulder, leg and head. Friends took her to a local hospital on the advice of a manager of the store. 

The woman states that she only suffered injury because she could not see the fire pit in her path. The store had boxes surrounding the large metal display, and she fell over the leg of the pit. She told investigators that the only part of the item that might have been visible was less than a foot in size, and she had no idea she needed to attempt to maneuver around a large metal object. 

When people become the victims of slip-and-falls, they may feel as if they need help bringing the party responsible to justice. Medical bills, loss of work and injuries from which they may never fully recover can be difficult things to deal with. In many cases, victims may choose to seek the aid of an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to assist victims as they attempt to recover and seek any compensation to which they may be entitled. 

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