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Car accidents involving school buses on the rise

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Pennsylvania residents might find themselves alarmed as they continue to see news stories where school buses have been involved in crashes. Several have occurred in the state already this year, and the fear that buses continue to be involved in car accidents have many parents concerned. Many families rely on buses to get children to and from school each day, and each moment a bus is on the road is a moment that children are potentially in danger. The latest crash resulted in fatality. 

Recently, a Pennsylvania school bus, fortunately empty except for the driver, was involved in a serious accident. A vehicle had come to a stop, signaling a left hand turn. A driver approaching from behind failed to stop in time and swerved to avoid a rear end collision. Unfortunately, this maneuver caused the vehicle to end up in oncoming traffic. 

The offending driver hit the school bus head on. The damage to the bus was so severe that the driver became trapped in the wreckage. Rescuers managed to extricate the bus driver, but she had suffered severe injuries. She was pronounced dead shortly after. The crash remains under investigation. 

When car accidents cause serious injuries or death, victims and their families may need some help. Medical bills, funeral expenses, and insurance matters can feel overwhelming. Severe injuries or a death in the family may affect victims for years to come. An experienced attorney may be able to help suffering people sort some of the legal matters as they attempt to come to terms with the gravity of the situation. 

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