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Car accidents resulting in death continue to plague PA roads

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently had to close a portion of Route 322 because two crashes occurred on the same stretch within hours of each other. The car accidents appear to be unrelated, but at least one resulted in fatality. Police continue to investigate both crashes, and details have emerged about the first of the crashes, which resulted in death and injuries suffered. 

Early reports indicate that a 19-year-old female lost control of her vehicle. While the cause of the driver’s trouble is still unknown, it has been established that her vehicle swerved into oncoming traffic. She struck a small car driven by a Pennsylvania man. 

The male driver was killed as a result of the impact, and his passenger suffered injury. The driver at fault did not suffer any serious injury herself. Police do not think drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident. The crash remains under investigation, and anyone who may have been a witness is asked to contact the Pennsylvania State Police. 

When car accidents seriously injure or kill a victim, the circumstances that follow may seem overwhelming for families. Medical bills, funeral expenses and insurance matters may seem trivial when compared to the suffering of a victim, but they are serious matters that require immediate attention. Fortunately, victims and their families have the option to partner with an experienced attorney who would be able to help them decide how to proceed and explain what options may be available to recoup their losses and begin the healing process. 

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