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Pets may be victims of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2018 | Medical Malpractice

A pet can be just as important to a family as its human relatives, and many Pennsylvania pet owners go to great lengths to make sure that their furry friends receive the best care. Much like their counterparts in the human healthcare field, veterinarians are held to certain standards, and violations can lead to medical malpractice accusations. A negligent veterinarian can cause injury or death to a beloved pet, and that vet may be held responsible for faulty procedures. 

One Pennsylvania vet faces serious charges of medical malpractice after causing animals to suffer injury or death. One family states that the mix of medication she prescribed for their Labrador retriever turned out to be a fatal cocktail that killed their dog. Another family reported that after taking their cat to be declawed the poor cat had it’s toes glued together, which required corrective surgery by another vet. 

People trust the lives of their pets to vets, just as they trust their children to a good pediatrician. When a vet is negligent or careless, the results can be devastating. The loss of a pet can be traumatic, and many pet owners may be angry at the veterinarian that caused the suffering. 

When a family needs assistance in a matter of medical malpractice, they may want to contact an attorney. An attorney would be able to direct victims to the proper legal avenues to seek justice and any compensation they may be owed. Medical bills, legal costs and other related expenses may be overwhelming, and victims should not have to bear the brunt for another party’s mistake. 

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