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New workers’ compensation law in effect

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2018 | Personal Injury

Pennsylvania workers should be aware that a new law will affect what happens if they are injured on the job. In October 2018, Governor Tom Wolf signed a law that directly affects how workers’ compensation claims are handled. The law will affect both new and existing cases where an injured worker is collecting benefits after being hurt on the job. 

According to the new law, an employer’s insurance company can request that an injured worker be examined after two years of filing a claim, to determine if they are still too injured to work. This means that a doctor will be allowed to determine if an injured worker will be able to receive full benefits in the future. If the doctor determines that a worker is less than 35% injured at the time of the follow-up exam, his or her benefits may end after 10 years. 

Opponents say this places too much pressure on a doctor to make a determination. It can be difficult to assign a percentage to how injured a worker is when a doctor is not privy to how an injury can affect his or her daily life. Many injured workers struggle with day-to-day tasks, and some injuries can cause a lifetime of suffering. These exams were previously outlawed in Pennsylvania, but this new law overturns that decision. 

If a Pennsylvania worker is injured on the job, he or she may want to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be familiar with the new workers’ compensation law and can help hard-working individuals rest assured that their rights will be protected as they attempt to attain compensation for their workplace injury. Being injured can prevent a person from being able to work again, and an attorney can help one feel better assured of financial stability as he or she attempts to recover. 

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