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Slip-and-falls defendants often try to blame victim

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2018 | Slip-and-fall Injuries

Pennsylvania shoppers are in the midst of the busiest retail weeks of the year. The holiday season is traditionally a time when people venture out for more than just household necessities. Many people have occasions to give gifts, or perhaps are shopping for a new home appliance or vehicle, as big ticket items are usually on sale in December. With so many people in and out of stores, the often wet and icy weather can lead to an increase in slip-and-falls. 

Though many stores try to take precautions, like using salt to melt ice and clearing snow, there is still an increased risk. Floors inside a store can quickly become wet and slippery, and if the danger is not clearly marked, a shopper could easily suffer serious injury. Medical bills and other consequences of a serious fall can fall upon a victim if proper legal steps are not taken against the establishment. 

A Pennsylvania woman suffered a terrible fall in a big box store after she lost her footing on a wet concrete floor. She injured her knee, shoulder and more as a result. Unfortunately, a court found that the store was only partly responsible, blaming the other half on the victim, who reportedly suffered from arthritis. 

When victims are injured by slip-and-falls, it can be intimidating to face the party responsible in court. Many times, a defendant will try to blame a victim to avoid taking legal and financial accountability for an injury suffered on their premises. Victims may want to consider hiring an experienced attorney to assist them as they prepare to explain to a jury how much they have suffered because of the negligence of another party. 

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