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Slip-and-falls may be caused by safety mats

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2019 | Slip-and-fall Injuries

Pennsylvania shoppers are gearing up to contend with April showers. This time of year, it is not unusual to enter a store, only to face a deluge upon exit. Especially in high traffic areas, wet floors can lead to serious injuries for patrons. April showers bring may flowers, but wet floors and halls bring slip-and-falls

Many retail establishments use mats on the floors to prevent patrons from slipping if a floor becomes wet. While certainly, these mats make the surface less slick for shoes, they may pose a hidden danger. The mats, though designed to keep people safe, are often heavy and bulky. This poses a trip hazard, because a foot could easily cause the edge of the mat to fold and send the person crashing to the floor. 

New technology has revamped some mats to prevent this. The redesigned mats are thinner, and stick to the floor by means of an adhesive backing. Unfortunately, this new technology is not yet industry standard, and many of the old style mats will be on floors this spring, leaving shoppers at risk.

When people in Pennsylvania are injured in slip-and-falls, they often feel helpless and are unsure of what their rights may be. Injuries suffered in a fall can result in medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work and lasting pain and suffering. Victims have every right to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can help a victim pursue full financial accountability from the party or parties believed responsible for his or her injuries. 

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