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Workers’ compensation may be appropriate for local victim

On Behalf of | May 2, 2019 | Personal Injury

Pennsylvania workers are familiar with the term “daily grind,” which usually refers to the mundane tasks a person performs at work each day to earn an honest living. Unfortunately for one local woman, the phrase took on a grisly new meaning. An accident that sounds like a scene from a horror movie claimed the life of a hard-working woman, leaving questions about safety surrounding her workplace and possibly raising a case for workers’ compensation.  

The woman was working at a storage facility. A fellow employee heard a strange sound and went to check on her. Upon doing so, the employee discovered that the woman had somehow become mangled in a meat grinder. The woman was killed, leaving co-workers shocked and afraid. 

OSHA has stepped in to investigate the facility. The accident is still under investigation, and authorities are trying to determine how the woman became trapped in the dangerous machine. It has been established that she was alone at the time the accident occurred. 

Pennsylvania employees deserve to feel safe at work. When an accident happens on the job, a victim, or in the case of death, a victim’s estate, may be entitled to collect workers’ compensation. An experienced attorney can often be of great assistance dealing with such matters. An attorney knows the process and what is necessary to get the legal ball rolling, and he or she can help victims and their families collect the money to which a worker may be entitled for his or her injuries suffered at work. Employers are responsible for proper safety protocol, and when an employee is left in danger, the employer can be held legally accountable. 

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