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Motor vehicle accidents: Prompt medical treatment is crucial

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Physical and mental trauma are common consequences of car wrecks in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Victims often decline medical care immediately after motor vehicle accidents when they see no broken bones or open wounds. This is rarely a good idea because any future legal action to recover damages will require medical records that link injuries to auto accidents.

Along with scrapes and cuts from broken windshields and flying objects in the car, more severe injuries could include head and brain trauma, back neck and chest injuries, and injuries to joints and extremities. Invisible injuries include internal organ damage and psychological harm. All of which can cause long-term health problems along with the monetary damages that inevitably accompany these serious issues.

A medical evaluation as soon as possible after a car accident can rule out any invisible injuries, or document the need for immediate treatment if necessary. A physician can also explain the telltale signs of hidden injuries that might only become fully evident in the days or weeks after the accident. The severity of the crash might not indicate the severity of the injuries — minor accidents have left many vehicle occupants with catastrophic injuries or worse.

Mounting medical bills and loss of wages can be overwhelming for victims of motor vehicle accidents. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania civil justice system allows victims to pursue claims for recovery of monetary damages. Legal proceedings are complicated, but the support and guidance of an attorney with experience in navigating personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits can be invaluable. The successful presentation of such a claim will secure a monetary judgment to cover financial losses.

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