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Owner arrested after life-threatening dog attack

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2020 | Personal Injury

People in Pennsylvania and across the country should be able to walk in their neighborhood without fear of harm. This includes harm from an attack from dogs. Unfortunately, a teenager in another state will likely always wonder about her safety after she was the victim of a recent dog attack.

Reports indicate that the 15-year-old, a rising sophomore, was walking in her neighborhood on a day in early August.  Two dogs reportedly began chasing her. A deputy who responded claims to have discovered her face down, with one dog attacking her neck and the other her head. The officer reportedly shot and injured one dog, scaring them both away. They were later recovered at their owner’s home and euthanized.

The injuries the teen reportedly suffered in the attacked resulted in the need for treatment in the intensive care unit. Reports indicate that the girl’s ear was torn off as well as part of her scalp; she also suffered damage to her trachea so severe that she required ventilator support. Though her ear was reattached, it is unclear whether she will be able to hear out of it again. Additionally, there is a possibility that her hair will not grow back, and nerve damage may permanently impact her ability to smile and blink.

The dogs’ owner, a 29-year-old woman, was arrested as a result of the attack and charged with reckless conduct. In the meantime, the teenage victim of the dog attack is facing more surgeries to repair the damage she reportedly suffered. Her family may be left wondering about her long-term outcomes in addition to how they will pay their medical bills. By filing and successfully presenting a personal injury claim against a dog owner following an animal attack, victims may be better situated to ensure that all of their options for legal recourse are met. An experienced attorney can help victims in Pennsylvania fully explore the options and take action as appropriate.

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