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2 drivers critically injured after man runs red light

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As all drivers know, those who hold a driver’s licence carry a great responsibility to maintain a safe vehicle, carefully follow all the rules of the road and pay close attention to the task at hand while behind the wheel. Drivers can easily become distracted by cellphones, scenery outside the vehicle or even their passengers. Unfortunately, major motor vehicle accidents often result from only a few moments of driver inattention. This may have been what happened when a tractor-trailer driver ran a red light and collided with an SUV in Salem Township. 

Tractor-trailer collides with SUV 

The incident happened early on a recent Tuesday evening at the intersection of Route 22 and Route 119. According to Pennsylvania State Police, a tractor-trailer blew through a red light and collided with an SUV attempting a turn. The tractor-trailer crashed through a guardrail, falling 100 feet down an embankment. The vehicle, along with its driver, ended up at the bottom of the embankment. Extra firefighters were called to the scene to help extricate the injured driver and pull him back up the hill. 

Both drivers critically injured 

Reportedly, the drivers were flown by medical helicopter to different hospitals. Both the tractor-trailer driver, a 74-year-old man from a different state and the SUV driver, a 31-year-old New Alexandria woman, suffered major injuries from the crash. Both drivers were listed in critical condition as of the following day. 

Motor vehicle accidents of this sort can happen for many reasons, including factors beyond a driver’s control, but often, driver distraction leads to such tragedies. If investigative evidence indicates the tractor-trailer driver was at fault in the crash, whether for this reason or another, the other driver and/or her family have every right to contact a personal injury attorney. In Pennsylvania, as in all other states, seriously injured accident victims often face a long recovery period, sometimes lifelong, that can cause significant financial challenges. A knowledgeable attorney can discuss options, such as a personal injury lawsuit, that can help a victim with unexpected costs. 

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