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2 people dead after driver loses control on curve

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Wrongful Death

Many different factors can lead to a driver losing control of his or her vehicle, and some are beyond the driver’s control. However, often, an out-of-control vehicle is a result of a speeding, impaired or distracted driver, and these types of situations can lead to a catastrophic ending. In a recent example, two people died after a woman lost control of her car, sending it off the road and down a steep embankment. 

Vehicle falls down embankment 

The tragic incident happened on a Saturday evening in Luzerne County. According to police, the female driver lost control of her northbound vehicle while negotiating a curve on N. Hunter Highway in Butler Township. The vehicle traveled across the opposite lane, crashed through a guardrail and became airborne before landing several hundred feet down an embankment. Reportedly, a rope rescue was required to get to the victims. 

Driver and passenger dead 

The 35-year-old driver was pronounced dead at the scene. A 28-year-old male passenger was taken to a local hospital, but he died shortly after arrival. Apparently, several groups worked on the accident investigation, including Butler Township Police and the Pennsylvania State Police. 

Certainly, this tragedy could have happened as a result of a malfunctioning vehicle or some other unavoidable event. However, the investigative evidence could indicate this driver was at fault due to reckless and/or negligent behavior. Although she died in the crash, the deceased passenger’s family could seek to hold her estate accountable. They have every right to consult with an attorney experienced in personal injury cases who can explain their options within the Pennsylvania civil justice system. A successfully litigated wrongful death lawsuit can provide comfort to surviving family, as well as some monetary compensation during an extremely challenging time. 

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