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Are Williamsport drivers prepared for the risks of fall driving?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each season brings a unique set of driving hazards for Pennsylvania motorists. A significant percentage of motor vehicle accidents in Pennsylvania could be prevented, and injuries and deaths avoided if drivers are prepared for fall conditions. Being prepared requires drivers to take precautions. 

Fall road risks 

The Pennsylvania Department of Transport urges drivers to remind themselves of typical fall conditions and how they affect safe driving. 

Leaves — Masses of falling leaves could obscure markings like traffic lines and other road markings, increasing crash risks. Furthermore, slippery wet leaves are dangerous for pedestrians who might slip and fall while crossing the road. Wet leaves also impair tire traction, and drivers who do not slow down could be unable to avoid striking the fallen pedestrian or another vehicle. 

Fog — Another driving hazard in fall is foggy conditions that impair drivers’ vision. Using the headlights can help but only on low beams because high beams cause glare that further reduces visibility. The headlights also serve to make vehicles more visible to other drivers. 

Sun glare — Sun glare on the horizon could be intense at sunrise and sunset, and rush-hour traffic at those times exacerbates the crash risks. 

Ice and frost — Icy spots from morning frost could catch drivers unawares. When temperatures drop to freezing point, drivers should be extra cautious when driving on overpasses, bridges and shadowed areas. 

PennDOT further advises drivers to maintain safe following distances and allow tailgaters to pass. Vehicle owners should ensure that the wiper and heating systems are working correctly and that headlights and tires are checked before early season snow falls. 

Sadly, not all drivers in Williamsport consider the seasonal hazards that require caution, often leading to motor vehicle accidents with devastating consequences. Injured victims of other parties’ negligence might have viable personal injury claims to file in a Pennsylvania civil court. Successfully presented lawsuits could lead to recovery of documented financial losses and other damages. 

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