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Another bus tragedy in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2021 | Wrongful Death

A recent post on this blog informed readers about a bus accident in Pennsylvania that resulted in critical injuries to six passengers. Another tragedy occurred on a recent Tuesday, this time involving a school bus that was transporting students back home after school. Sadly, a student seated directly behind the driver on the bus had no way of knowing that she would never arrive to her destination. Disaster struck when the school bus struck the rear end of a tractor-trailer.  

Collision resulted in multiple fatalities and injuries to several others 

The impact of the collision resulted in fatal injuries to the 31-year-old school bus driver and a 14-year-old girl who was a freshman in high school. The child’s brother told reporters that his sister always chose the exact same seat on the bus. When he learned there had been a collision and that the driver had died, he immediately feared for his sister’s life because he knew that she sat directly behind the driver.  

Two other students who were riding the bus at the time were airlifted to a nearby hospital for emergency care in the aftermath of the collision. Thankfully, an update on both students listed each of them in stable condition. Several other children were treated for minor injuries, then released.  

Some losses are irreplaceable following a motor vehicle collision 

There is no way to replace the loss of a human life, and loved ones of a fatally injured victim often have a long, arduous road ahead of them as they come to terms with the sudden death of a family member. Such situations often spark financial distress, as well, especially regarding funeral expenses or medical bills for care provided for a decedent passed. In cases where driver negligence is determined as a causal factor in a collision, an immediate family member may seek financial recovery for a family’s losses in a civil court.  

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